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New Skills for Living Online Course

Regardless of the change therapy/modality you choose, you'll need both release AND education to make permanent life changes.

The New Skills for Living Online Course represents the educational half of Rapid Eye Technology (RET). The RET process offers cutting edge negative emotional energy release whereas the Skills for Living Course offers education to make the most of that release. Relieving your emotional energy load is important because without relief, you'll continue to recreate your emotional pain over and over in new ways - stymieing real change. Once the negative emotional energy attachments are resolved, you'll need a new way of thinking - otherwise, you'll once again recreate emotional attachments and in time create new negative emotional stress.

The New Skills for Living Online Course was developed to:

The New Skills for Living Online Course is chock full of examples, exercises, multimedia, and useful reading material to help you maximize your life change experience.

This course is offered for $20 per student for unlimited access.

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Note: This course was created and is offered by the Rapid Eye Institute. Proceeds from sales of the New Skills for Living Online Course go directly to fund Heartway Foundation projects. Click here to learn more about Heartway Foundation projects.
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